Say No To Bullying

Bullying! Its a very common thing today. Most of the teenagers have been bullied at some point or the other in their life. The percentage of victims to bullying is at its peak. It breaks my heart when I see teens who are of my age committing suicide due to bullying. It is a really sad thing. It has to be stopped before too many lives are lost , before talent , confidence or even a person’s individuality is lost even before the world could see his/her true potential.

I can relate to bullying and I know how torturous it can be . I’ve been bullied and it sucked. Those days were the worst days of my life. I was made fun of everyday. And to make it worse, I had no friends. I was a loner. Whenever something happened all the blame was on me even though it wasn’t my fault. No one ever listened to me . I looked like this “villan” to everyone. I hated going to school. But I didn’t want to tell my parents about it either. I cried, hated my life but somehow just kept going through all the crap. And I still remember when I was in grade 5 our English teacher asked us if anyone among us used to back talk and stuff. That moment all the girls in my class pointed their finger at me . If I wanted to I could’ve done that too but I didn’t. I just burst into tears on that spot. No one used to talk to me . Everyone just hated me , made fun of me . All they saw about me were my faults . I wanted to be heard . Inorder to do that I used to shout , scream at others . I thought at least that way I would be heard, but nope. Then rumours started spreading , hate too . No one wanted to be my friend , I did not know why . I was isolated . I hated my life , all I wanted was to be listened to , wanted to be understood before they blamed me . But I did not give up . I did not give in to the bullies or the haters . It was hard but I made sure I crawled through it.  I made sure I did not become one like them . Today things are different . People really like me now . They do not judge me by my past anymore at least  most of them . Also , I have amazing , true friends which I’m afraid my haters, bullies do not really have . A part of me is happy that I’ve been through that cause now I’m stronger . I’m a warrior . My life is amazing now .
But , those memories still haunt me . It’s impossible for me to forget them . All of that has affected my confidence and self esteem which I’m still working on.

All those who have been bullied , and are being bullied PLEASE do not give in to your haters . Do not try commit suicide. These days will be gone, better days will come . In the future you will lead a better life than your bullies and they won’t be able to do anything to you . You will be living your life the way you want to . Just don’t let the hate get to you . Be who you are be happy with that . If the bullying gets bad don’t do the mistakes I’ve done . Tell someone about it , a friend , a family member someone . They will surely help you out and it will make you feel better .

I hope that  none of you  don’t bully anyone either. Bullying can effect someone a lot , Way more than you can think. Why destroy someone’s positivity when you can help them build it ? Why spread hate when you can spread love ?

Everyone deserves to be loved . No one deserves hate . Please be strong enough to stop bullies . At times bullies need help too . They are also suffering . Do not be scared and inform someone before it’s too late , before they are uncontrollable or before someone takes away their life.


Spread Love And Peace 🙂
Stay Strong 🙂

P.S If you ever need anyone to talk to you could email me (email in about me ) . 🙂