Once in a while , in the middle of an ordinary life love can give us a fairy tale.

For a 15 year old girl , LOVE is feeling butterflies when you talk to him , the smile that comes across your face when you sneak a look at him in class , the love letters you get from him . Love for a 15 year old seems to be innocent yet so fresh . Relationships and love at this age seem to be so offbeat. They are so tender yet quite beautiful . The awkwardness of holding his hand for the first time , he walking you back home from school . Those late night talks . Having someone to tell everything too . I’m sure all you grownups and adults will always remember your so called love when you were 15 or any relationship you have been in at this age .  What makes love at this point so beautiful is its innocence . All you want is to talk to him , get his attention , make him smile , have someone be there for you , be there for someone , feel that spark. The spark I see which older generations had , the mental connection I sadly do not see that anymore . Yes I do agree we are kids , why would we kids want to be in a relationship now ? But I think at this age so called love happens to everyone . Love at this age , isn’t true , isn’t lust either its just teenage love. But sadly the innocence , the freshness this love used to have before is hardly anymore . Most of us teens today want a relationship just for the hugs and kisses . Is that a relationship or love all about ? According to me no . For me , love is that connection between two people. The two people may not be close to  perfect but when together they are nothing less than perfect . That’s the magic of love  . It makes you glow . Love is a crazy thing .
We don’t choose who we fall for do we ? It just happens . When a person loves you , I think thats a beautiful feeling . When a guy says your amazing just the way you are , accepts you , just wants to keep talking to you , when he makes you feel like the only girl in the world. It sure does feel good.  

But when you fall for someone there is something we all tend to forget , we forget the fact that the person we fall for doesn’t always end up falling for us . We all should accept that . It’s very important to do so cause i know some of my friends can’t handle the fact that a guy who she likes doesn’t like her for who she is . And just to get him to fall for her she changes herself completely just for his love . But is that worth it ? No right ?  Yes it does suck but I do not think you need to change yourself just for a guy. 
I don’t wanna change myself . I want to be independent , strong , stable , love myself. Yes maybe I may not be the girl a guy would fall for right now and I’m okay with it cause one day i shall meet a guy who loves me for what I am and I wouldn’t need to change myself at all and he would love my individuality.  
I wish that people do not relate love with getting physical cause it kills the essence of love . And all those girls who are trying to get a guy they like to like them back please do remember if he is the right guy you wouldn’t need to change yourself. I also think it’s more important to love yourself cause once you do that everyone around you will fall in love with you and is it all the important to change yourself for that one guy who may have no place in your future ? 
I hope teenage love always stays this tender , beautiful and fresh.